Thursday, May 21, 2009

dyes and fragrances

Hello all. I just thought I'd post this here... as you know, R is allergic to pretty much everything. Not only is he allergic to many foods, he's also allergic to some detergents, bath products, etc. Some shampoo, soap, lotion, etc really give him trouble. Lately we've also discovered that not only do some of these products give him hives BUT it affects his behavior as well. For example, we recently bought new soap, a kind we've never had before, and I've noticed that after he has a bath he's a wild man. So I've been doing my own little science experiments and without telling him, I've had him try our different things (soap, shampoo, lotion) and would you know it, his behavior is worse depending on what he uses! We've found that he's especially sensitive to red#40 (a dye commonly used in cosmetic/bath products as well as food.) SOOO, I've been on a quest to find 100% all natural products for him to use. You wouldn't believe how hard that is, even with supposedly "natural" products at the store. BUT I've been emailing this wonderful woman who is currently making some custom soaps for R. Her name is Paula Mosier and owns her own company called Lime Giddy. She makes her own soaps, lotions, etc. Here's her website:
I'm very excited about this. So I wanted to pass it along, in case there is anyone else out there that has similar issues or just want something more natural.


  1. I had a mission companion with a zillion allergies. I even had to change shampoos, because being in close contact with the fragrances, even if it were on my head, would really bother her. Glad you've figured out what's working for him and have found a solution!

  2. Have you discovered Melaleuca yet? They can make over you entire household with non-toxic products if need be. I'll hook you up with info if you are interested. On another note, I came to your site because of the adoption part of things. I'm a foster parent and may eventually do an older child adoption, so enjoy reading about that journey. Check me out at