Sunday, May 31, 2009

fishing and hiking

Yesterday T had some firsts. We went fishing, something she's really been looking forward to. Unfortunately noone caught anything! She said, "I've seen your photos when you all have caught a lot of fish...was that here or somewhere else?!" hahaha. Apparently she thought you caught a fish with every cast! Well, now she knows:-) And with Kevin as a father she'll have plenty more opportunities to catch a fish!:-) Since fishing turned out to be a bust, we decided to go hiking instead. We found a great trail that we'd never done before. It was late (after the fishing) so it was just a short hike. But it was another concept completely foreign to her:-) It took her a few times to understand the point of the little family outings/day trips that we like to take but she loves them now and really looks forward to the weekends. So I have no doubt that after a few hikes she'll like those too. She did keep going on about all of the beautiful wild flowers that were in bloom. We also saw a lot of wildlife: deer, chipmunks, etc. And she was really excited about that. We're slowly turning her into an outdoorsie girl:-) We hope to go camping once before we go to China- that will be another first for her:-) Ha! Welcome to our family- we'd rather be outside than in:-) Here are some photos from our hike:

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  1. Awesome pictures,looks like a nice relaxing family day..been awhile since I've had one of those!