Friday, May 22, 2009

going crazy

This is me going out of my mind... we are supposed to get our TA (travel approval) next week. Hopefully we'll get it and there won't be any delays. But just knowing that it's coming so soon and having to wait- I'm going coocoo-bananas! We've waited all of this time and I was fine. You'd think this would be no big deal but the suspense is killing me! I keep thinking about my friend Lori- I bet she's all packed and ready to go. They are adopting from China as well and will be leaving on the 5th. I think about them every day! I wish it were us:-) In the mean time I have been keeping busy. That's an understatement! I finally canned the boys' soup. Because of the their food allergies I'm trying to prepare as much food as I can ahead of time to make things easier for my sister while we're gone. I've also been trying get some photo album projects finished. The kids had dental appointments. This weekend is crazy. We have Nina Jonio from the North West Neurological training Center in Oregon here. She travels to several cities around the country and evaluates clients. Since I'm such a big advocate of Neurological Reorganization I had several families interested in having their children evaluated here. So I've been coordinating all of this with Nina. We volunteered our house for her to use and in exchange she is giving us a deal on the boys' evaluations. Today she evaluated both boys. She pinpointed R's issues so exactly! As you know we had J evaluated a year ago and his therapy program that she developed for him has changed all of our lives! I can't wait to see what their new program will be like and how R's will differ. Tomorrow from 9am-noon, she's giving a presentation to 20 people about what Neuro-reorg is (yes, at our house.) So tonight I'm taking all of the furniture out of the diningroom and arranging chairs, a projector and screen all for her power point presentation. Then after that she'll be doing evaluations until about 7pm. Sunday she's doing evaluations in the morning. And then Monday she's doing them from 9am-7pm. And again, all of that at our house. I've been cleaning house like a crazy person all week. I even polished the silver- I know, hard core:-) The dogs are staying at my parents' house for the weekend. Can you imagine Jakob and Charlie in the middle of all this?:-) The cats are being locked up in our bedroom with the kids and a stack of movies:-) Hopefully it all works out okay. Anyway, if you want to know more about what Neuro-reorg is, here's a link:
OH, we also got our vegetable garden in. I've been so busy I was worried we wouldn't get it done this year. So I pretty much killed myself last weekend and got it planted. Kevin is out of state this weekend photographing a wedding. He is probably checking into his hotel even as I type this. Last weekend he was in Yellowstone teaching a photography workshop. Then the first week in June he'll be in Yellowstone all that week teaching another photography workshop. Do you want to know more about Kevin's Yellowstone photography workshops? Check out this link:
Did I mention that we've been busy?:-) I can hear T rocking out to her David Archuleta CD as I type this:-) Having a teenage daughter is funny:-) Well, I better go. I've got a diningroom to take apart and 20 chairs to set up... where's Kevin when I need him?:-)

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