Friday, May 29, 2009

Well dang...

Well, it's Friday afternoon and the work week is pretty much over- which means we didn't get our TA this week. The Dragon Boat festival is being celebrated this week in China so maybe that holiday has held things up. Hopefully it will come next week! We have begun the boys' new Neuro program. Their programs are mostly the same except for the sensory part of it. They have different sensory needs so their program varies there. Unfortunately, we are seeing a regression in J again. With his first program J regressed terribly for about 6 weeks. I was really hoping he wouldn't do that again. The last few days have been very stressful! J is tantruming again. He had one that lasted at least two hours today. Let's see, so far he's broken part of the vacuum, tried taking down the ceiling fan in our bedroom, broken the master bathroom door off of it's hinges... not to mention all of the arguing, back talking and screaming...and it's only been three days. But like last time we have doubled and even in some areas, trippled his program. The more you do the faster you see progress. We need for him to be through this before we go to China! I've been emailing Nina and she said she has had some clients that regress with every new change in their program. It's looking like J is one of those. It's like every time change is made in his Neurology it opens up this can of worms. But we've seen the amazing benefits his first program has given us, so we're going to keep plugging along. I just need the strength to get through this. R however does not seem to be regressing at all. Perhaps his regression is still coming? Or maybe my Father in Heaven is giving me a break with R?:-)

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