Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Panic on the streets of... London?

Okay that is a Smiths song... "Panic on the streets of London..." Today it hit me really hard- we're leaving for China NEXT FRIDAY. Is it just me or did time just speed up?!? I have this nice little to-do list that I made for myself last week of all the things I need to get done before we leave. (I'm addicted to lists...I love lists. I have a list "problem." :-) ) Anyway, I suddenly thought "what, I'll never get everything done in time!" More panic:-) Actually, we're just fine. I did item number six today- get a hair cut. Actually T and I both got haircuts today. Her hair is so cute! Kevin took a photo, I'll have to post it. It is the first real haircut she's ever had. In the orphanage they just chop your hair with scissors. In her first family they did the same- homemade blunt cut. Now she has "style" :-) She said she thinks she looks like someone in a movie:-) She just loves it. It was so cute, her sitting in the chair as her hair was being styled while she tried not to smile at her own reflection:-) Kevin of course took lot's of photos. You have to take photos of your child's first hair cut, right?
We had a little excitement in our neighborhood Yesterday. A firetruck broke down right in front of our house (blocking our driveway!) It gives you a lot of confidence in the city that you live in when the emergency vehicles break down and require towing. And it did get towed. In fact, I didn't realize they made tow trucks that large!! The boys loved watching all of it. Kevin did some awesome sidewalk driving to get into our driveway:-) And in case you are wondering, I have no idea why the firetruck was there- no one's house was on fire.
In other news, we have been watching a lot of Star Trek lately LOL:-) J LOVES Star Trek. Yes, that makes him a Trekkie, in case you aren't familiar with the lingo:-) How did this start- well it really started a couple of years ago when my sister and her roommate at the time and our mutual friend, babysat the boys for us. She had some of the original Star Trek series on DVD. She put some on for the boys to watch. They loved it. I don't think they've seen it since then but they still remember it. Fast forward several years... a few months ago we went to visit my other sister out of state. She had Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD (what.... are you commenting on the nerdiness of my family and friends?!? Yes, sci-fi nerdiness runs through my veins...) Anyway, she put on a few episodes for the kids to watch. Again... they loved it. So she loaned the first season to the kids. (side note to other parents: they have some really naughty episodes! There's always some sort of Alien-Love illness infecting the crew....) Anyway, J became obsessed. He has memorized the opening- "Space, the final frontier..." So for the last few months we have been watching a lot of Next Generation episodes (skipping the alien-love episodes...). For his birthday my dad (see, it is genetic- I can't help it) gave J some of the original Star Trek movies. We have watched the "Wrath of Khan" and now "the Search for Spock. " J now LOVES Spock. We discuss all things Vulcan related these days at the dinner table hahaha! So if you are in the mood to discuss some Vulcan ideology, J would be more than happy to discuss this with you. And if Vulcans aren't your thing, he'd be happy to discuss Klingon ideology as well:-) heeheehee:-) Well that is all of our news at this time. Live Long and Prosper... and I am and always shall be your friend (I threw that last bit in for the trekkies:-) ), Anita


  1. i love star trek too. i have the opening memorized as well. and i feel pretty good admitting it. good luck next week. can't wait to meet your girls!

  2. you learn all sorts of useful life information from the original star treks...is that a noun? things like, it is never good to be the crew member with no name...he is always eaten by an alien...running in slow motion is more effective, ask any boy...uniforms aren't all bad...though the veiled modesty of the girls is questionable...don't mess with monsters made out of rock!...cell phones are all imitations of capt kirk, because we all really want to be able to say to someone...beam me up! and how handsome was Khan? even as a grandfather, watching him act still reminded me of the early days when he was khan...
    wish we could hear the dinnertime conversations at your house...you guys are too fun!