Monday, June 1, 2009

prayers please

So I'm trying not to go crazy. We didn't get our TA (travel approval) last week like we expected... our adoption agency has no way of knowing when it will come but they expect it at any time. So I'm praying like crazy that it will come this week. Please pray that we get our TA this week- the sooner the better:-) I feel like I'm going out of my mind waiting for it. Patience has never been a strength of mine:-) Plus, the harder it will be on us if we have to put off our travel. We are really hoping to go the middle of June- that would be easiest on our family.
Kevin has just left. He'll be in Yellowstone all week teaching a photography workshop. Today is J's 14th birthday! We celebrated it yesterday (While Kevin was still home.) He was spoiled by his grandparents and aunts/uncles:-) I'll post some pictures later.
Tomorrow we have a dumpster coming. I'm so excited to get rid of the last of our junk pile (All of the construction mess from when we remodeled the back of the house.) The pile has been here since last summer. It'll be wonderful when it's gone. I'm not looking forward to all of the heavy lifting though. I'm a big wimp and since Kevin is gone I'll be doing it by should be interesting:-) I have a feeling that I'll be very sore on Wednesday:-)
And finally, congratulations to my wonderful dear friend Dielle! She just had a beautiful baby boy.  He is number 6 for her and her husband! (I love you Dielle! I'm so happy for you!!)
Anyway, please prayer for us so we will get our TA this week!

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  1. Oh Anita,I SO know what you are feeling. We have been trying to adopt for 5 years so many times I thought it was never going to happen . It is SO hard to wait and to not have any control over what is happening. It won't be long now and soon you wll be with your little girl. What a moment that will be:)