Monday, June 15, 2009

Tip-toe through the ferns

Guess what?! We're leaving for China in FOUR days!! I can't believe it. I've almost got everything done on my to-do list:-) In other good news, the boys seem to finally be over their regression from the change in their neuro-program at the end of May. I was worried that wouldn't happen before we left for China. But my prayers were answered! They are obviously still scared to have us leave. But we've been doing a lot of talking and doing lot's of family bonding activities. Last night both boys slept really good which is always a good indicator of their stress level. So I think we're starting our last week before we leave on a really good note:-) Yesterday afternoon the clouds parted (it's been raining almost non-stop for more than a week now) so we decided to go for a drive. We drove up the canyon. That's always a gorgeous drive but with all of the rain we've been having lately it was just amazing! It was SOO green! There was so much wildlife out and about as well. And you can't do that drive without stopping the car and getting out from time to time. It's way to beautiful. The highlight was when we came upon two baby skunks! Oh my gosh they were so adorable!! T kept asking, "Can we pet them?!" I had to explain about wild animals to her HAHAHA! One of them stuck up it's tail and shook it at us, obviously in an attempt to spray us- luckily it was still too young! whew:-) And I suppose it was lucky that their mama wasn't around:-) Toward the top of the loop there was an area where ferns covered the ground as far as you could see. We had to stop and walk around! I had the kids collect some fern leaves to take home. After we got home we made rubbings of the leaves. They turned out so pretty we nailed them above the french doors between our livingroom and kitchen. As we came to the end of the loop and began the drive down, the clouds came back and it poured! We made it out just in time:-) And it was a gorgeous couple of hours spent together running around the trees:-) Today it's back to my to-do list. Did I mention that we are leaving for China in FOUR DAYS?!:-)


  1. Oh, I love those fern rubbings. I think I'll do that w/ my kiddos today. We have plenty of ferns in our forest.

    So glad things are settling down for the boys. How long do you think you'll be gone?

  2. The fern rubbings look gorgeous! They look so pretty above the doorway there!

  3. you are so artistic, your kids are so lucky, everything they make will be framable!