Friday, June 12, 2009

A week from today!

I can't believe we are leaving a week from TODAY! Does anyone know where my suitcase is? Just kidding! Last night my sister and I (mostly my sister) made a couple of skirts for C. They have a draw-string waist. Just something (one-size fits all) in case it takes us a few days to get clothes for her. They are so cute! AUGH! We are leaving ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! The boys are starting to freak out. They've never been away from us for so long. I'm trying everything I can think of to make them feel better... does anyone have any suggestions? We wanted to do some fun family activities this week- we had planned to go hiking and maybe camping... but it's been pouring rain all week! Honestly, I love the rain. I grew up in Germany, it rains all the time there! But it has gotten in the way of our normal family activities. We have been watching a lot of movies together... maybe I'll come up with another art project to do...
Speaking of movies... T has been looking at our movies. She saw my DVDs of Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version.) So she popped it in. About an hour into the movie (it's 6 hours long- two discs with 3 hours on each.) she seemed really bored. Kevin said she didn't have to watch it if she didn't want to... but she kept going. The first disc ended around 10pm. She was SOOO on the edge of her seat LOL!:-) She was saying, "Wow, Mr. Darcy loves Elizabeth, why didn't she want to marry him? What will happen???" (the first disc ends with Elizabeth rejected Mr. Darcy's proposal) It was too funny. She wanted to put on the next disc so bad but it was so late. LOL! Yea, I've got another Jane Austen fan in the family:-) The boys think it's painfully boring and have only seen bits and pieces of it. But T was so excited about it they kept asking, "Well, is it something we would like? Maybe we want to watch it too..." hahahaha! Unfortunately I can already tell you they will hate it. The boys can't sit still for five minutes, they are not going to sit still through a 6 hour Victorian love story that's all talk and all "action" scenes involve brisk walks through a few gardens:-)... T is planning on watching the exciting conclusion today:-) Meanwhile I'm going to attempt to make the boys feel better about our trip. I think I'm going to print out a complete schedule of our trip (the little we can schedule) so the boys can see what we are doing while we are gone. I've also made little envelopes for my sister to give them each day while we're gone. They have family photographs, a small toy (matchbox car etc) and a note from us. They will get a new one each morning we're gone. I've also made a special little snack baggy for each day with nuts/driedfruit/treats for every day also. I'm hoping that all of that will help them feel a physical connection to us while we're gone. As for this week, I'm just hoping I can get them to calm down... it probably doesn't help that I'm a bundle of nerves as well...


  1. You're doing an amazing job, Anita! I'm really impressed at how you are covering all bases at home and abroad. Hopefully you'll have a day or two to chill before you head to China.

  2. Don't be a bundle of nerves! I'm so excited for you! Let me know if you want to/have time to make more skirts. :)

  3. Yay for another P&P fan!!! She loves to read, doesn't she? Now you'll just need to get her hooked on all the books. Persuasion is my favorite book, though the A&E version of P&P is my favorite movie of any Jane Austen stories.