Wednesday, July 8, 2009

group email from July 4

Hello everyone! We're home!! YEA!!! I've got jetlag big time..augh!:-) Okay, first of all- C was amazing on the flight home! She was so great. She was so excited and I was thrilled that she truly DID understand the flight Itinerary that I made for her. When we landed in Tokyo and found our next gate- she turned to me and said plane number two- America! And when our plane arrived she pointed at it and said it again! Hurray! And I kept her heavily drugged on Dramimine(sp?) for motion sickness and that worked out great as well. When we got to the airport at home my family was there (they brought the kids for us) with a big banner that my sister helped the kids make. C was so shy. When we pulled up to the house she obviously recognized it from the photos in the album we brought for her. She got really excited then! She practically burst through the door. The dogs were there and super excited to see us... I held my breath and SURPRISE she wasn't afraid of them at all!!!! She knew their names (again from the album) and pet them (tried to ride Jakob!) and it was great. We showed her her room and then all of the rooms in the house. She was so happy. She took out the album from her backpack and compared the photos to the actual rooms- it was so cute. She flipped out over her toys and gave us lot's of hugs:-) She's already played with her dolls. Then she and the boys somehow ended up in a game of tag all through the house LOL!:-) Today they've been playing with her all day. Right now they are teaching her a racing game on the Wii. She's been playing with them and whenever she sees me she runs up and gives me a hug as if she's saying,"these guys are my best present ever!:-)" And again, I can't get over how perfectly comfortable she is with the dogs. Outside she was literally sticking her face in Charlie's face so he would lick her:-) I'm just so amazed and relieved. She was so terrified of that little dog that was barking at us on the Island, but as Kevin pointed out, that dog may have been tiny but it was acting aggressively and Jakob and Charlie may be big, but they are sweet hearts. So anyway, we are happy to be home and so happy that things are off to such a good start! Our family feels good- is that a weird thing to say? I don't know how else to describe it.
Here's photos from our second week in China
Love, Anita

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