Wednesday, July 8, 2009

group email from June 21

Hello everyone! Just a quick update. We just heard from Mr. Li. He is meeting us at 2pm on Monday to go pick up C!!!!!!!!!! That is midnight on Sunday (technically 12am on Monday)  If anyone is awake then, think about us!!!
We're still doing really well. We went out again and found a small gallery/museum with some modern and ancient Chinese art. That was really neat. I loved the silk embroidery and carvings the most. Then we had dinner and now we're at the hotel. We're watching "National Treasure" on cable TV. Tomorrow morning we're going to go out and buy some candy to give C! I'm so excited!
Love, Anita

Email from the next morning:
Okay, in a few hours we get our little C!!! We're trying not to go crazy. We hung out for a while at the breakfast buffet at the hotel this morning. We experimented with the fruit buffet. There was this fruit that looked a little bit like a white strawberry that tasted really good. Then there was another fruit, a melon, that was light pink and tasted a lot like honeydew melon- very yummy. Then there was the other one we tried... it looked good, another melon of some sort I think. But it tasted a lot like feet. hahaha. Mmmm feet fruit, my favorite:-) hahaha. Right now we're just hanging out in our hotel room. We didn't want to go out before our appointment- we didn't want to get all sweaty and ick before we leave. We get C in a few hours. How am I not supposed to go crazy before then?! According to her paperwork, McDonalds is her favorite food. So, we may go to McDonalds for dinner tonight. It's really funny because we NEVER eat at McDonalds at home but we're going to McDonalds in China hahahaha! OH my gosh, I can not imagine how scared our C will be. We've learned how to say "don't be scared" in Cantonese. It's sounds a little like "M, SAI pa" Other than going to Mcdonalds I think we're going to take it easy tonight and just hang out in the hotel and try to play with C. Oh I hope she'll be okay!! Anyway... I'll let you know how it goes!
Love, Anita

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