Wednesday, July 8, 2009

group email from June 22

We have her, we have her, we have her!!! She is sitting on the bed behind me watching TV with Kevin right now! So Mr. Li came to pick us up at 2pm. We went to the CCAA with another family that is also adopting a little girl. When we got there is was chaos! There were so many other families, it was so loud and so crazy. Our little girls weren't there yet. So we had to wait for a long time. Finally she arrived. I recognized her at once. We saw her come in from across the lobby with the orphanage director. I started to tear up at once- you know me, I'm a big cry baby! But I managed to get it under control before meeting her. When they brought her over she was so terrified. She was shaking and just looked straight ahead. The orphanage director sat her down right next to me and she was just frozen. I told her not to be afraid in Cantonese. The orphanage director was impressed but C just sat there as frozen as ever. We gave her the Sleeping Beauty barbie that we brought. When you push a button her dress lights up and changes from pink to blue (like the cartoon.) She liked it but was still just terrified. It was so awful because it was so loud and there were so many people. She went pale and vomited all over herself!!! The poor little girl!! It just broke my heart. But we had to be there while officials did I don't know what. I pulled out my Ipod and had her listen to Keane (I didn't know what else to have her listen to...) That seemed to perk her up a bit. She at least seemed more interested. Then Kevin remembered that he has his gameboy in his camera bag. Hello, PacMan was a huge hit! And we got a tiny smile out of her! Kevin and I showed her how to play and she was obviously loving it but still very shy. But it definitely broke the ice. We started showing her the photos that we took of her with the digital camera. She thought that was cool too and we got another tiny smile. (Oh my gosh, Kevin is tickling her right now and she's giggling so cute!!!.. but back to my story...) Then it was time to get into Mr. Li's car. She had to sit on my lap because there wasn't room. She seemed a little freaked by that. Kevin took photos and then showed her how to. She loved that! She turned around to take a photo of me and I stuck my tongue out. I got a real live smile then! WOW- her smile is adorable!! After that, she started smiling a lot. She took some self portraits with the camera and thought those were pretty funny too. When we finally got to the hotel she needed a shower (there isn't a bathtub) because she was still filthy from when she had thrown-up. (Oh my gosh- she's trying to tickle Kevin now...holy cow she's cute!!! but back to my story...) The Cantonese phrases that my mother's friend recorded for us are awesome!! We used them to tell her she needed a bath. She was really good about that and after that we showed her clothes and let her pick out an outfit. Then we showed her her toys. WOW, we got some more smiles then! She loved the stuffed cat and ran and put it next to her pillow. Then she saw the other barbies and played with them a minute and put them by her pillow too. She colored a picture in one of her coloring books and we got lot's of smiles and giggles then. (Oh my gosh she's literally rolling around on the floor laughing right now while she plays with Kevin!) Kevin ran nextdoor to Subway to get sandwiches for dinner. We were going to go to McDonalds but we thought we better stay at the hotel tonight. Kevin also got some ice cream bars and her eye lit up when she saw those! During dinner she opened up and started talking to us... we of course have no idea what she's saying but she was obviously having a good time. She's super smart to because she knows we don't speak Cantonese so she mimes things for us. She points and acts things out. So far we are "communicating" really well. She is having a lot of fun playing with us and is completely over her fear now. She even danced to my Ipod for a minute. She adores Kevin! You should see them playing right now!!!!! She's making him pose so she can take pictures of him with the camera hahahaha! She is so cute. She is so much cuter in person than in her photos, if you can believe that. (she's making Kevin pose with her barbies right now!hahahah!) She is so tiny too! Most of the clothes we brought for her are too big. She's teeny tiny. I can't believe we have her. She is doing really well and having lot's of fun. We are so happy to finally have her!

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