Wednesday, July 8, 2009

group email from June 24

I didn't do an update yesterday- sorry! I got chewed out by a couple of you:-) So here's what we've been up to- so no more chewing me out:-) We had a busy day yesterday! When C woke up yesterday she was a little shy again, but I think we've seen the last of the freezing up (at least for now, I'm sure once we get to the US there will be another relapse, at least that's been our experience with our other's scary to start a new life in a completely new place!) Anyway... she was a little shy at first but got over it quickly. It poured again in the morning but cleared up by the time we finished breakfast. Kevin went out early to buy more bottled water while C and I were getting dressed and found a local school exercising in the park. He took lot's of photos. A Chinese man came up to him and asked if he could practice his English on Kevin, Kev said sure. They ended up talking about Basketball. The NBA really is popular here. After the guy went on his way, Kevin came back. Then we went in search of the pearl and jade markets. And Success! We found them this time! Off of the island (or as I like to call it Americatown) the people don't speak English but you can still haggle with them using a calculator (numbers are the same.) We bought a necklace and bracelet for Yue Yu now, and some for when she's older. And wow- Jade really is a girl's best friend:-) She was so excited. We put them on her after we bought them and she felt like hot stuff. We also got lot's and lot's of hugs of appreciation:-) In walking around the side streets looking at all of the jade vendors we almost literally stumbled across a Buddhist temple tucked in between some massive buildings. We never would have seen it if we didn't happen to stop for a moment. There's was a giant cart of incense in the middle of the courtyard of the temple. It was this beautiful and obviously ancient place in the middle of the city-surrounded by high-rises and street vendors. As most of you know, I took some Chinese art history classes in college and that's what I've been looking for! Kevin took a few photos but people were obviously worshiping there so we didn't want to stay long or be obnoxious tourists. It made me very happy to see it though! So it was a happy day for me:-) later we walked through that walking/shopping district that I mentioned in another email. We found a book store. There were tons of children's books with what looked like Chinese fairytales. We kept asking C if she wanted some and she would literally wrinkle her nose up at them. Then she saw a book with sleeping beauty and Cinderella...THOSE she wanted! hahaha! We said she could have it and again we got some big hugs of appreciation- she's our girlie girl:-) In the center of the room there were school workbooks and she got very excited about a couple of them and obviously recognized them. We asked if she wanted those and she said yes, so we got those too. I am going to go back and get those Chinese fairytales. We should've gotten them when we were there. She may not want them now but she will someday! I really like getting off of the Island! Yesterday afternoon we had to go to the police station with Mr. Li. That's where we applied for her passport. We got to see our official adoption decree! That was cool! After that we spent the evening in out hotel room. We brought some dvds with us. When the boys didn't speak English they had their favorite movies- ones that you didn't need to speak any particular language to understand what was going on. So we watched some of those- "Chip and Dale" for example... that was a huge hit. She was laughing and laughing! We also brought Candyland with us. We didn't pack the box, but we brought the board and cards/gamepieces. She learned quickly how to play and she LOVES Candyland. We've played many games of Candyland now:-) Later we went back out to the herb market and bought some small starfish for each of the kids. I wonder if airport customs will let us bring those back with us? I guess we'll find out...
Today we've just been hanging out. She wasn't shy at all this morning. In fact I got a big hug. We don't have any appointments and it's been pouring rain all day. We've been hanging out playing Candyland and just playing. She seems completely out of her shell now. She jabbers on and on all the time. She also rolls her eyes at us because we don't know what she's saying hahahaha! She was reading Sleeping Beauty outloud to us- so cute! She obviously can read well because she was making voices and everything. She also worked on one of that math workbooks we bought for her at the bookstore and she can add and subtract. She's been really affectionate today. We've been getting hugs without having to ask. When we went down to breakfast our waiter was trying to talk to her (In Cantonese) and she just hid behind my back the whole time- she does not like strangers! Kevin was sitting on the bed putting his shoes on and she just climbed onto his shoulders:-) We are on our way out the door. We found out about some great local tours that you can take. There's a tour that includes two temples, a tomb museum, and I can't remember what all... we're booking that for this weekend. It's an all day tour. We're hoping to do that either Friday or Saturday. Hopefully the weather will clear up for our tour this weekend!
Love, Anita

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