Saturday, July 18, 2009

my little girl...

I have been saving some of my treasures from when I was a little girl. I gave some of my stuffed animals, an awesome Star Wars poster and a few other things to the boys. The stuffed animals ended up on a shelf and of course the poster was hung on the wall. When we got T I also gave her some stuffed animals and some knickknacks that were mine. These also ended up a shelf in her room. Being a teenager she doesn’t have much interest in toys. I was so happy to give my children the things I have been saving. And they thought it was cool to have something of mine although I think T was more impressed by how “old” everything was and that I still had them:-) I still had two dolls named Blondie and Violet. I got Blondie when I was about 4 or 5 years old and Violet when I was around 6 or 7. I loved those dolls. I have a little bunkbed and wardrobe closet for them as well…. Some of the treasures I have been saving for the time when I would have a little girl of my own. When Kevin and I put in our adoption papers for a little girl in China I went to my parents’ house and pulled the boxes out of “storage” in their garage. I brought my treasures home. I couldn’t help but smile as Blondie and Violet came out of their storage box. They were wearing the same clothes I put on them the last time I played with them. I cleaned them and put them in their freshly washed beds and smiled some more. Have you ever seen “Toy Story” -a cartoon about toys that are alive and the love that they have for the children that play with them? Toy Story 2 was about how a doll was rejected by the child that loved her because the child (a little girl) grew up and didn’t want her anymore. It wasn’t until Jessie (the doll) met Woody and the other toys that she realized she could be loved again by another child- another generation. I felt a little like that when I passed on my childhood treasures to my children, even though they ended up on a shelf. This morning Kevin was doing Neuro program with the boys and T was listening to music. I cleaned up the kitchen and went to check up on what C was doing. When I walked into her bedroom I nearly cried. Blondie and Violet had their first outfit change in over 30 years. They had their hair brushed. Violet was napping in her bed while Blondie was being fed a bottle. C smiled at me and put her finger to her lips “Shhh!” She pointed to the sleeping Violet. I have a little girl of my own. And my treasures are being loved again. The sight made me so happy I nearly cried. I know I’m a sentimental blubberer, but I can’t help it:-) I think Blondie and Violet would feel like “Jessie” if they could- happy to be loved by another little girl. And I am so happy to have a little girl to love them:-)

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