Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer of Fun part one

I have not been keeping up with our blog much since coming home from China. So I decided to update all of you on our activities and how we are all doing:-) We have been enjoying our summer very much. Of course the first part of our summer was all about our trip to China and bringing C home. After coming home and getting over jetlag we decided we better get some use out of summer break before school starts again! One of the first things we did was go hiking. We found a great trail the last time we went, right before going to China, so we wanted to go back there. C has obviously spent very little time outdoors, at least off of the pavement:-) She was very unsteady on her feet. But she had a great time. We all did. There were large plants with giant seed heads that looked like a Dandilion on steroids. The kids, and C especially, loved blowing the seeds.We also came across a snake during our hike and that was very exciting for all of the kids. R and T were jumping and running all over the place- you would've thought they were on fire hahahahaha! It was just a tiny little garden snake though.

Earlier this week our good friends Bryant and Betsy invited us to their condo for the day. They have a timeshare. We had so much fun! We all rode the Alpine slide. The Alpine slide is an enormous slide. You take a ski lift up the side of the mountain. They you get on these little carts back down on a giant slide, with dips and turns... it's a lot of fun. The kids were all terrified to go!:-) Well, they were excited, wanted to do it, but shaking in their shoes at the same time:-) C went with me and everyone else had their own cart. It was a blast. C does this cute thing whenever she's really happy about something. When she likes something a lot she rubs my arm and jumps up and down. After the slide she rubbed my arm and kissed it all over! hahaha. She loved it! All of the kids did. They can't wait to do it again. Bryant and Betsy are so awesome for taking us!

After the Alpine Slide we went back to their condo and swam in the pool. Again, the kids had a great time. It was C's first time in a pool! She was terrified at first. Kevin could not let go of her, even on the steps. But slowly he was able to get deeper and deeper- but only if he was holding her tightly:-) But by the end of the day she was splashing and even got down on her own in the shallow end. She LOVED it!! I mean LOVED it. That's all she talks about now...swimming! Our two families also BBQed together after swimming. We had a great day! Thanks guys for the great day- you are awesome!
And speaking of swimming. We signed T up for swimming lessons. She feels a little embarrassed because all of the other children in her class are really young and of course she's 14. But she's having fun. Plus, we're such a "water family" that she really does need to know how to swim for safety reasons. She's on her second week of lessons and doing great! I don't think we'll sign up C yet, we'll wait until her English is better. I've got more to talk about but will do it in another post...

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