Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer of Fun part two

Okay... more about our summer...
Last weekend my brother and his family came up from out of state. That was great to see them. My niece is taller than I am now! She's 13 and gorgeous. My nephew is still as cute as ever. Is was great to talk to Them. My sister-in-law is so awesome because she is keeping some of our family traditions alive. I don't know if she understands how cool that is to us? :-) They recently went to Germany and it was neat to hear stories about my grandmother's village and all of the places we grew up at. It was also neat to see the photos from their trip... it made me homesick for Germany. I'd love to be able to take my children there some day. And again, it was so great to them. They gave the kids a game for our Wii... I have a confession though, after the kids go to sleep Kevin and I have been playing the game hahahaha! We're getting good at it:-) Oh come on... the Wii is fun, admit it:-)
Yesterday we spent the entire day (and I mean entire day) at the Lake. We try to go every year. This year was extra fun because it was both T and C's first time going. We also brought the dogs for the first time. We loaded up the car in the morning and off we went. I can't believe how well all of the kids (and dogs) did during the long drive up. C doesn't seem to be getting motion sick anymore... that's good. We found a great spot with no one around. It was wonderful. For R's last birthday Grandma gave him a remote control surfer. It was the first time he got to really play with it. All of the kids took turns with it. They had a blast with it. The lake is soooo cold! But that's never stopped us from swimming:-) C kept putting her face in the water and everything! She's going to be a fish! The biggest surprise was how well the dogs did. At first we had them tied up but then it go to be a pain because they kept getting tangled up. So we just took them off to see how they would do. There wasn't anyone else around anyway. They were great! And to our biggest surprise, Jakob rarely got out of the water! He loved being in the water with the kids. Once he got too deep though and had to swim- that really scared him but it was only for a second and he never went that far again. Charlie played in the water a lot too and swam more than Jakob but didn't seem to be having as much fun as Jakob. I think he mostly stayed in the water to be close to us. At one point Kevin was walking in the water (only about up to his knees) Charlie had been following him everywhere. Then we realized that Charlie couldn't touch bottom and he was swimming all that time! We were worried about him so Kevin carried him back out of the water. Silly dogs. C was so excited to have the dogs there. She just thought that was the coolest thing ever. She kept splashing Jakob trying to play with him hahaha:-) R and I had a swimming race and he was floored that I beat him:-) He was so sure that he was going to beat me by a mile hahahaha! We had lunch and dinner (and snacks) up there and brought the food with us, so we had a couple of picnics and that was fun too. Unfortunately we all spent so much time in the water we only took a couple of photos. I know, what's the world coming to when we don't take very many photos!?! I wish we had more photos of the dogs in the water. I don't think we got any of Charlie in the water... By the time we got home it was 11pm. Everyone, including the dogs, slept on the car ride home. Today everyone is still talking about how much fun we had. Well, the summer isn't over yet... :-)

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  1. Sounds like you're having such a great summer!!!!