Friday, October 9, 2009

Neuro reorg seminar at our house!

Presented by Neurodevelopmental Solutions
NINA JONIO 206-910-6088 / nwneuroreorg @gmail .com (remove spaces)

Thursday, October 22, 2009 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Fee: $25.00 per person or $40.00 for two parents (adults only).

Does your child have, attachment and bonding issues, autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, depression, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, obsessive/compulsive disorder, limbic rage and traumatic brain injury?

Neurological reorganization (neuro reorg for short) addresses a broad spectrum of emotional, behavioral, academic, and physical challenges that arise as a result of disrupted early childhood development. There is a specific developmental sequence (a series of movement, reflex, and sensory experience) that babies complete in approximately the first year of life. The completion of the developmental sequence triggers healthy brain growth. If a child does not complete the developmental sequence for whatever reason, functional deficits result. Neuro reorg replicates the developmental sequence that should have put healthy function in place originally (this typically includes crawling on the tummy, creeping on hands and knees, vestibular stimulation, and sensory stimulation). Once a client completes this replication of the developmental sequence, they are typically free of the symptoms of dysfunction. Neuro Reorg is not a quick, easy fix, but it is a permanent solution. Currently, our primary client base at Neurodevelopmental Solutions is adopted children, or children and adults who have suffered some form of trauma, abuse, or neglect, but we see people with a wide array of issues. Some of the issues/diagnoses we see most commonly are RAD, anxious attachment, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, dyslexia, cerebral palsy, obsessive/compulsive disorder, limbic rage and traumatic brain injury.

What is normal behavior?
My child cries about everything. She seems hypervigilant and anxious. My son needs to be in control. I think my daughter's speech is delayed, but the speech therapist told me to give her more time. Why is my son so clumsy and his gait so awkward? My daughter was so happy at first, but now she is withdrawn, sad and disoriented. My child rages out of control several times a day. My daughter Something doesn't seem quite right.
Well meaning friends all tell me "Oh, that's normal, my child did that too."
Everything seemed fine until he started school. Then he was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.... auditory processing problems.... learning disabilities..... Oppositional Defiance Disorder...... Reactive Attachment Disorder.....PTSD..... autism..... sensory processing issues.....
What is the cause, and how can I help my child?

What is Neurological Dysfunction?
The newborn infant brain is quite immature and plastic. Up until birth, it is responsible for regulating bodily systems and little else. Over time, the brain develops sequentially, from the bottom up, starting with the brain stem and moving up to the cerebral cortex. Primitive functions develop first and lay the groundwork for more complex functions like emotional regulation and higher order thinking. Brain growth and development are governed by experience; experience determines the organizing framework of the infant brain and central nervous system.
Any interruption in a normal developmental sequence (examples: prenatal stress; an attachment/bonding break; hospitalization, institutionalization; lack of an appropriately sensory rich environment, etc.) may cause critical gaps in neural pathways that persist. Much like trying to build a house on a wobbly foundation, moving forward developmentally without revisiting the site of the gap often results in a sensory processing or integration dysfunction. These kinds of dysfunctions can be extremely subtle and hard to detect for someone not trained to recognize them. Young children learn effective ways to compensate for sensory processing weakness, but unless the source of the dysfunction is treated, it's likely to surface as a learning or behavior issue around the time the child enters school.

Friday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 26th
Neurological Developmental Solutions is offering 2 ½ hour full neurodevelopmental evaluations.
These full neurodevelopmental evaluations, conducted by Nina Jonio, begin by collecting all pertinent information from the parent(s).
• Details of current problems and concerns
• Complete developmental history covering pregnancy, birth, and developmental milestones; history includes both normal processes as well as delays and interruptions
• Significant medical background including accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, diagnosis and medications
• Other history involving trauma, stress, or abuse

After the history, a functional neurological evaluation is performed. During this evaluation the client performs very specific tasks. Each task is designed to elicit a certain response from a particular area of the brain. How the brain processes the given task and "puts out" its answer illustrates how well that area of the brain is working (these are called neurological soft signs).

We will then discuss the normal neurological developmental process, the basis of the program being used. The findings of the evaluation will then be presented. These findings are given in context to the profile of normal neurological development. You should gain an understanding of both areas of the brain that have good healthy function and those that have deficits. Then a program using targeted developmental movements and activities will be designed. These movements are based on the principles of normal, healthy brain growth and development and are used to target areas of dysfunction. The client and/or care provider will be instructed in how to complete them on a daily basis. The initial evaluation is a very interactive process with many opportunities for questions and answers as the appointment progresses. Attendance at Neurodevelopmental Workshop required. To schedule a full evaluation, contact Nina Jonio @ Neurodevelopmental Solutions. (206) 910-6088 Fee: $650.00, 50% deposit required to schedule an full evaluation appointment, which includes individual neurological assessment and customized program design for the individual client.

Nina Jonio studied under Florence Scott, RN, a founder of neurological reorganization and then continued studying at NFR in Germany. In 1998, upon completing her studies she co-founded the non-profit Developmental Movement Center in Seattle, Washington. Nina joined the staff of Northwest Neurological Training Center (NNTC) in 2005 as Program Director. She has provided direct client services, presentations, and training for professionals and practitioner training, including training Emily Beard Johnson.

In addition to her years of experience providing direct client services, Nina conducts a variety of outreach activities. She has coordinated numerous screening events, has appeared as a speaker at both conferences and seminars, and conducted training for hundreds of professionals and families. In 2009 Nina began Neurodevelopment Solutions and travels the country to meet and assist clients.

Childcare will not be provided at this workshop. The lecture is for adults only.

Presentation and evaluations:
contact Nina Jonio for address where the presentation will be held.