Tuesday, March 22, 2011

R's memoir

This is R. My mom has been talking about our blog. I had to write a memoir in my English class. I am in 8th grade. I am glad that I wrote my memoir because it is my history and I can keep it forever. I was adopted. Our blog talks a lot about adoption. I want to put my memoir on here because I want people to know adoptions are a good thing. It helps the kids. So I asked if I could put this on here. I have other things that I wrote that I might put on here later. Here is my memoir. I hope you like it and think it is good.

My life was hard in the beginning. After I got adopted my whole life changed and I was happy. I was born in the year 1997. I am from Kazakhstan. I lived with my birth parents until I was five years old. One time my birth father was angry and tried to kill me. He stabbed me. He tried to stab me again and stabbed me in the leg. I don’t know why he was angry. He stabbed me so hard that the knife went all the way through my leg. I still have the scar. He poured boiling water on me. I have scars from that too. My birth mother tried to protect me but my birth father killed her. I hid under a bed. Then he put his cigarette on the stove and it started a fire. Soon my whole house was on fire. I believe that my birth father died in that fire but I don’t know for sure. After that I was sent to live with my grandparents.
 My grandparents were very poor. They would dig in trash cans to find food for us. With the little bit of money that they had they bought alcohol and would get very drunk. My birth parents were like that too. They would fight and argue a lot. My grandfather pushed my grandmother down the stairs. It made me feel scared. When I felt scared I would run away. I ran away a lot. I couldn’t get over my fear so I would stay away for a long time. Sometimes the police would find me and bring me back home. When I got home my grandfather would punish me. He wouldn’t let me sleep or eat. I had to stand all night. It didn’t stop me from running away. Most of the time I was alone on the streets. Some nights on the streets were cold. When I was alone I would wonder what was going to happen to me. I would beg for money and steal food. Once when I ran away I was found by the police but this time they took me to an orphanage.
 I was seven years old when I went to the orphanage. I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t want to be there. I stayed in the orphanage for about a year. It wasn’t a fun year. My childhood was spent being scared.
 One day one of the orphanage workers sent me to meet some people. I felt scared because I thought I was in trouble. A man and a woman were there with another boy from my orphanage. The boy was from an older kids’ class. He name was F. A Russian/English translator was there to help me talk to the couple. He told me that they were from America and they wanted to adopt me. I had fun on that visit. I colored in a Scooby-Doo coloring book. I also played on my new dad’s laptop computer. My new parents asked me if I wanted to be adopted. I said yes. They visited me in the orphanage every day. I had so much fun with them. They asked me if I wanted an American name. I said yes so they named me R, after my new grandfather on my father’s side. I started to feel hopeful. I was excited to leave the orphanage and become a part of their family.
 I became sick while I was in the orphanage. When my new parents came to visit me the orphanage doctor wouldn’t let them in. I saw my new parents outside of the window in the sickroom. I thought they were going to leave me behind and only take F with them to America. I started to cry. My parent’s saw me crying through the window. The orphanage workers wouldn’t let them in the building but my dad went in anyway. They tried to stop him from going into the room they kept me in but he still went in. He said, “We are not leaving you. We will never leave you. You are our son and we love you.” Then he hugged me. I was so happy to have a family.
 A few days later the adoption was finalized. They changed my new brother’s name to J, after our other grandfather on my mother’s side of the family. My new mom taught me many things. She is still teaching me. She taught me how to do everything. I am not poor now. My parents feed me, help me, teach me, and buy things for me. They also like to take me to places like: movies, museums, libraries, church, fishing, camping and a lot of other places. I have kind relatives now too. I didn’t have a family like this before I was adopted. It feels good to have a good family that loves me and takes care of me.
 Before I was adopted, my life was scary, sad, lonely and hopeless. Then I got adopted and my life changed. I have a family and they love me, teach me and help me. My life feels hopeful now.

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