Monday, July 25, 2011

another Heather T. Forbes quote & thoughts

"Love-based parenting means doing what is right for your child, not what is right for you." Heather T. Forbes

It took me years to figure this out. I understood it logically, but truly understanding it at the deepest level, well that took me a lot longer to grasp and my whole family suffered for much longer than they needed to.  My childrens' healing took a lot longer and had far more set backs than needed because of my failure to as well. No, I didn't cause the trauma that gave my children the disturbing behaviors that they had, but it was my lack of truly understanding the above principle that kept them from healing from that trauma sooner. It wasn't until *I* began to change that my children began to heal. It is a very humbling lesson to go through as a parent. 
I shouldn't have "liked" Heather Forbes page on facebook because now I'm just going to be pasting quotes on here all of the time LOL!

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