Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Semester!

Welcome to Fall. We are just as busy as ever this semester. Kevin is still teaching Photography at the Community College AND the University. He is also really busy at his commercial photography job. Then of course in the mix of all that he still gets hired for freelance photo shoots. He is taking two classes at the University- creeping slowly towards his degree. I don’t know when we’ll see him this semester! But that’s nothing new. I can’t believe how hard that husband of mine works.

T is a Junior in high school this year! My kids are getting too old too fast! She is getting her CNA (certified nursing assistant) at the Tech Institute. She’s getting duel credit for that and high school. Her classes start at the tech institute before high school and end during the high school’s lunch break. She gets to the high school during lunch and then goes to regular high school classes after lunch. We just found out that one of the classes that she’s taking at the High School, medical terminology, can also count as concurrent enrollment for the Community College! So we need to register her at the community college this weekend. So she is taking more “college” classes this semester than actual High School! Starting the end of September she’ll have to start her clinicals for her CNA certificate. She’ll have to work part time after school at an assisted living facility. Then in November she’ll work part time at the hospital. She’ll be one busy girl this semester!

J is a sophomore this year. He is at the high school with T. I can’t believe he’s there. I still can’t get over the new lease on life he’s been given since we found Neurological Reorganization. I know I keep going on and on about it but you’ve got to understand, he was never supposed to be capable of any of this! So for him to be living the life of a normal teenager, it is a miracle that I can’t get over! The boys started waterpolo a few weeks ago. They’ve had their first game already. John loves it but he needs to build up his strength. The coach has assigned him extra exercises to do outside of practice. So far he’s been doing them! John just got his new Neuro Reorg program from Nina. He’s so close to graduating from NR. We’re on four years for him! I do both boys’ NR programs after school. I hope we can keep up with everything, school, homework, NR, and waterpolo.

R is a Freshman this year! He’s still at the Junior High. He’s really excited about his classes. He finished up last year on the High Honor Roll and he’s hoping to do the same this year. R got glasses. I’m still getting used to seeing him in his glasses. We’ve been joking that he’s joined the “four-eyes” club with the most of the rest of the family. He got his new NR program from Nina last week when she came. His program is pretty short this time. That makes it a little easier on me. A little LOL! Nina had a lot of good things to say about his progress this last time. So hopefully he’ll be getting closer to graduating also. Like John, he’s playing waterpolo and loves it.

C is in 6th grade! She’s pretty far behind in school. We just had a meeting with different people at the school- administration, teachers, etc, to see how best to help her. Hopefully it’ll all go well. She is enjoying it so far. She also got a new program from Nina- holy moly it is a LONG program. ELEVEN sets of patterns (including the RMT patterns)!!! We do it with her before school. So as usual my life revolves around doing program with my kids LOL.
Our garden seems to be winding down. I think we’re finished with our zucchini, crookneck squash and green beans for the most part. We’re still getting a lot of tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. I just canned 32 jars of peaches- it is that time of year. My parents have peach and plum trees that I like to can… well, I don’t know about LIKING to can, but we love to have the fruit for the winter. You know what a food hippie I am. So for the next month that will be what I keep busy with- Canning fruit, dehydrating herbs, etc. Did I ever tell you about the compost bin Kevin bought for my birthday this past Spring? I just love it so much. It is pretty much full now. And would you believe that it actually smells GOOD when you open it? True story. Our homemade compost bin always stank really bad. The contents in our new bin are in varying stages of breaking down. Most of it is a wonderful dark color- perfect compost. When we take our garden out we’re going to till in this batch. Then next Spring we’ll till in the “winter batch” before planting. I just love that thing. Anyway, like I said, we’re super busy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gandhi quote about change

"We must become the change we want to see." — Mahatma Gandhi
Wow. This can apply to soooo many things in life. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The storms rage

           What a summer we have had. Meine Oma passed  away. That really knocked me over. As a girl I spent most of my holidays and long weekends at my Oma’s house in her tiny village not far from Landshut, Germany. There were even a few times that we lived with my grandmother when I was really young. My grandmother taught me my first words. My memories are full of my grandmother. Her passing felt like my childhood passed away along with her. In recent years, after my parents moved to the US my grandmother came with them. Burying her in America was oddly hard on me. But I believe in the afterlife. She is somewhere else doing something far more important than worrying about those details that only those left behind dwell on. It was also this summer that one of our beautiful nieces lost her baby girl. Our hearts broke for her. But her strength is to be admired. She and her husband are amazing. And now recently my father in law passed away suddenly. It was such a surprise. His death was not expected. His funeral was beautiful and full of family and friends and love. But he is definitely missed. It will be a long time before those tears are dry. So much loss. And yet, so much has been gained. A nephew of ours, he and his wife, just recently had twin baby girls. It was an emotional weekend as we had Kevin’s dad’s funeral on Friday and then we were lucky enough to be able to attend the baby blessings of our nephew’s beautiful baby girls on Sunday. Another gift of life- on the day of my FIL’s funeral, another niece gave birth to her third child (first son.) I imagine those two souls passing eachother by in some sort of Heavenly waiting room, going in opposite directions. One arriving as the other leaves. The circle of life.
            We’ve had a lot of other things going on. T had oral surgery. NINE teeth were removed. Then there were complications, an abscess that required another surgery. So far she’s on her third round of antibiotics. This has been going on for over three weeks now. Lot’s of bandages and pain for my poor girl. I’m hoping we get this taken care of before school starts in two weeks. Yesterday she had braces put on. Having her teeth taken care of will make her life so much easier. It has been tough dealing with all of that while having tears over our loved ones flowing at the same time.
            I keep thinking about a quote that I saw at my sister in law’s house this past weekend. It is framed on her wall: Sometimes God calms the storm… sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child. The storm has been raging. But I am so very grateful for the calm He gives us.