Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The storms rage

           What a summer we have had. Meine Oma passed  away. That really knocked me over. As a girl I spent most of my holidays and long weekends at my Oma’s house in her tiny village not far from Landshut, Germany. There were even a few times that we lived with my grandmother when I was really young. My grandmother taught me my first words. My memories are full of my grandmother. Her passing felt like my childhood passed away along with her. In recent years, after my parents moved to the US my grandmother came with them. Burying her in America was oddly hard on me. But I believe in the afterlife. She is somewhere else doing something far more important than worrying about those details that only those left behind dwell on. It was also this summer that one of our beautiful nieces lost her baby girl. Our hearts broke for her. But her strength is to be admired. She and her husband are amazing. And now recently my father in law passed away suddenly. It was such a surprise. His death was not expected. His funeral was beautiful and full of family and friends and love. But he is definitely missed. It will be a long time before those tears are dry. So much loss. And yet, so much has been gained. A nephew of ours, he and his wife, just recently had twin baby girls. It was an emotional weekend as we had Kevin’s dad’s funeral on Friday and then we were lucky enough to be able to attend the baby blessings of our nephew’s beautiful baby girls on Sunday. Another gift of life- on the day of my FIL’s funeral, another niece gave birth to her third child (first son.) I imagine those two souls passing eachother by in some sort of Heavenly waiting room, going in opposite directions. One arriving as the other leaves. The circle of life.
            We’ve had a lot of other things going on. T had oral surgery. NINE teeth were removed. Then there were complications, an abscess that required another surgery. So far she’s on her third round of antibiotics. This has been going on for over three weeks now. Lot’s of bandages and pain for my poor girl. I’m hoping we get this taken care of before school starts in two weeks. Yesterday she had braces put on. Having her teeth taken care of will make her life so much easier. It has been tough dealing with all of that while having tears over our loved ones flowing at the same time.
            I keep thinking about a quote that I saw at my sister in law’s house this past weekend. It is framed on her wall: Sometimes God calms the storm… sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child. The storm has been raging. But I am so very grateful for the calm He gives us.

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  1. what a great quote, I think it belongs in a frame in every home.
    hope your fall is much calmer and more upbeat.