Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring time! And I'm a slacker with the blog

Happy Spring! I know I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. We’ve been busy… with what? Just life. This last Semester Kevin went to school full time. I don’t think he’ll be doing that again. All of those classes plus work… it was just too much. But there’s only two more weeks left of the semester. He made it! He’s on waiting lists for two classes this summer, plus he’ll be teaching a class. 

T is doing as great as ever. She’s had a really tough school year too. I’ve never seen a teenager study so hard. But all of her studies are paying off. With the duel credit classes that she was taking at both the Tech school and the community college, I’m truly amazed. She’s also really working hard on her Personal Progress Booklet. She’s hoping to be completely finished by the end of the summer. When school is over I think we’ll sign her up for private swimming lessons again. Then she’ll be a senior next year. I’ll be glad when she’s finished with high school.

J is doing pretty well. I always need to push him pretty hard when it comes to school but he’s making it! He’s was bumped up to honors History this last semester. It has been tough on him but it has been a good experience for him. I glad he had that opportunity. It still amazes me that that even happened. I remember spending years just trying to get him to learn to read! It’s a miracle. He also recently found, applied for and interviewed at a job all by himself! Again, no small miracle! And what do you know? He got the job! Yesterday was his first day. I can’t believe it. It is a part time custodial job at a nearby elementary school. He’ll work a couple of hours after school every day and then 19 hours a week during the summer. He’ll be doing everything from janitorial work to some landscaping. I’m so proud of him. Neurological Reorganization therapy truly has changed his life. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being in awe of the changes in him. Every time he makes these positive and very NORMAL strides forward it is all I can do from breaking down in tears of joy. He’ll be 17 in month.

R is struggling a bit these days. He had a big setback a few months ago that retriggered some issues. So we’ve been doing a lot of back peddling with him. He regressed behaviorally but I think he’s coming out of it again. I wonder when he’ll graduate from NR therapy? It seems that it doesn’t take much to set him back. He internalizes things so much. This time it was some issues with a friend that caused this regression and the downward spiral in his behavior. He needs to learn how to deal with stress or sadness and not fall apart. J used to be the same way and he was so much worse that R. So I still have hope for R. We will keep plugging along with his therapy. And like I said, he seems to be coming out of it a little bit. It’ll be good when school is over. He’ll be at the high school next year. I hope being closer to his brother and sister will help him.

C is doing great. I can’t believe the improvement in her coordination and muscle control. She can now voluntarily turn her hands at the wrist, instead of just at the elbow. She almost has complete control of her legs. She still needs some fine-tuning, especially with her feet. (tell her to put down her heel and she’ll put down her toes first and not quite figure out how to get her heel down, but that is getting better.) She still struggles the most with her hands. But everything has shown huge improvement! Again, it is her NR therapy that has made these changes for her. She still struggles with language processing. This summer we will have had her for three years! I can’t believe it. But her English is still very very behind. She should be starting 7th grade next year. We’re stressing about that. I’m not sure what to do. She’s so far behind in school, I don’t know if the junior high will even be able to handle her. Plus I’m afraid those junior high school kids will eat her alive! We need to make an appointment with the school counselors and she what they have to say. She’s just as cheerful as ever though. She’s started going to Young Women activities on Tuesdays and loves that. I’ve also starting working on her Personal Progress booklet with her. It is very slow going because it requires so much explanation but she’s loving it. She’s going to girl’s camp for the first time this year! She’s so excited! I’m glad that T will be there with her.

As for me, I’ve been trying desperately trying to get into shape. So far all of my efforts seem to be for nothing LOL. We recently got a treadmill and I’ve been loving it. I can already feel a difference. Hopefully I’ll start seeing a change soon also. I’ve already started working on the garden. I’ve transplanted several plants, shrubs etc. I love my garden. I had to hand-pollinate my squash last year. So this year I planted some more plants near the vegetable beds that I know the bees love. We get so many bees in the front yard. It is amazing to see all of the variety of bees, but the honeybees are our favorite. I’ve read so much about the bees disappearing so it gives us joy to see them finding our yard. We don’t use any pesticides. We fertilize with our own compost. So maybe that’s why our plants are so yummy to them:-) They especially love some of our flowering herbs. So I divided some of those plants and put them in the backyard next to our vegetable beds back there. Hopefully I’ve encouraged Mother Nature to do the pollinating this year. The vegetables in the front yard were amazing last year, we couldn’t keep up with it all. So hopefully encouraging them to come into the backyard will help those vegetables too.

The kids are counting down the days until summer vacation. So am I. We’re going to Germany this summer. I can’t wait to visit family, friends and old stomping grounds. It has been too many years since I’ve been back. Well, I need to go pick up the kids from school. The sun is shining, my flowers are beginning to bloom, the kids are doing great, life is good:-)