Thursday, June 14, 2012

Germany update emails to family

We are going to Germany this summer. It has been years since I have been back! I am so excited. I can't wait to see family and friends that I haven't seen in so long. I also can't wait to share with my children where I grew up. We will be traveling with my parents and my sister. I have been counting down the weeks! I started sending email updates, a sort of countdown, to my family. I decided to paste them in here:-) Enjoy the silliness:-)
"Week 10
This is just an email to announce that we are leaving in 10 weeks for Germany (well technically on Monday it will be 10 weeks to the day we leave, I'm a few days early)! I've decided to do a weekly countdown! This week's German word is Flusspferd. It means Hippopotamus (although technically I think it means river horse, but whatever. You get the idea.) It is my favorite German word, so I thought it was fitting to start this countdown off with.
Whoo hoo! Flusspferd! (see doesn't that just roll off of the tongue?)
Love and Schnitzel with lemon wedges,
"Week 9
It is now 9 weeks until we leave! Whoo hoo!!! For this week's German word of the week I 
decided to borrow one of Mom's favorite words: Kaasloabi (meaning little cheese loaves.) 
Kaasloabi! It sounds like a wimpy war cry haha! I will storm Neuschwanstein screaming 
"Kaasloabi!" A fitting war cry for the crazy king's palace eh?  Mom and dad are coming over 
today to make our trip itinerary. Mom has made appointments to meet with people, so she's 
going to share those dates and we'll figure out when we can fit in the other stuff we want to 
do inbetween all of that. Yea! Kaasloabi!
Love and cheese on bakery bread rolls,
"Week 8
So, I just had to get really excited because we will be leaving for Germany in 8 weeks! I can 
now say "We will be leaving for Germany next month." Whoo hoo! Here's the German word 
of the week. In honor of my sister, I have chosen her favorite word... Schluempfe. Have the 
rest of you been stumped? Schluempfe. It is the German word for SMURF! hahahahaha! 
As in "We're going to have a Schluempfey time while we are there." "Schnitzel is 
In other related news...
Mom told me that she just found out from the Ks that Oma's house is about to go up for 
sale!!! Quick! Someone freaking win the lottery! I've got it all worked out... the house we 
rented for our trip, I found it on an international vacation home rental website/agency. 
There are several companies that rent homes for vacations. See, we buy Oma's house. 
We list it with these agencies and we rent it out as a vacation home (cute 200 year old 
converted farm house in a picturesque village within short driving distance of Munich and 
other Bavarian sites.. etc) We get CK to let the people in and check the place over when they 
check out (to make sure all is in order) and of course we give her a cut of the rental fee for 
keeping an eye on it for us. The money we make would help pay for the taxes, upkeep, or 
whatever we would have to pay. Then Mom and Dad are retired. They could visit every year 
and stay for months if they wanted to! They've got tons of friends, and family... it would be 
awesome. And of course the rest of us could visit whenever we wanted also. See? Isn't that 
an awesome plan?  I think so too. So... let's win the lottery!!! Or do we have a rich uncle 
that we don't know about? Anyone want to donate the funds? Dang. Seriously, I would give 
anything to be able to buy our family's home back...
Have a Schluempfey day,
"Week 7
Today is the 7 week mark for our trip to Germany. Holy Cow that's less that two months!
Whoo hoo! It is just me or is this going by really fast?! I expected it to take forever, but 
suddenly the time is flying by! So in honor of our trip I give you the German word of the 
week.... Bauchvergnügen. Okay truth be told, I made up that word hahahaha! I made up this 
word years ago when VW was using their Fahrvergnügen advertising campaign. I'll translate 
my fancy word. Bauchvergnügen: Stomach enjoyment, or the joy of having a stomach. How 
does one use this word? Well, say you're sitting in a cafe eating a bowl of hazelnut Italian 
icecream...."oooooo Bauchvergnügen!" For Father's day I'm making a cheesecake for Kevin,
"yummmmmmm Bauchvergnügen!" Got it? Okay good, I now expect all of you to add this 
word to your regular vocabulary.
Love and Bauchvergnügen,
"Oops Just kidding Week 6! 
Let's change the German word of the week to: Hoppla= Oops! All of this time I have been 
wrong about our trip's time frame! I was counting Mondays. Including yesterday, in 7 
Mondays we will be on a plane to Germany. But Mom and Dad pointed out to me today, 
that if I'm counting WEEKS...well, it is in fact 6 weeks until we leave for Germany. Hoppla!! 
I thought it was going by fast before, but now a week has been taken from me! Holy Moly 
Hoppla Batman! I wonder what Batman is in German? I think technically he is still referred to
by his American name, Batman, but still... I have no idea what the German word for "Bat" is.... 
hmmm, I think I'll google it real quick. I'll be right back.... okay, I'm back. I actually did know 
what the German word for bat was, I had just forgotten but after reading it all came back 
(I'm amazed at how much German that is still buried somewhere deep in my head noodles 
after all of these years away....) Anyway...
Holy Moly Hoppla Fledermausmann!!!! We're leaving for Germany in 6 weeks! (I think 
Fledermaus just won as the German word of the week... it is way too much fun to say.)
Love and Fledermaus cuteness,