Friday, September 7, 2012

I love Autumn!

I love this time of year! Oh let's face it, I'm a fan of all the seasons:-) But welcome to Autumn. Cooler weather, changing leaves, comfy clothes and thicker blankets, Mid Autumn moon festival and Halloween. It is a great time of year:-)
So what's new with us? Well I'm still on a high from being in Germany. Even though we've been home a while now, that was an amazing trip. It had been waaaayyy too many years since I had been home again. I can NOT go that long before going back again! I can not! So hopefully we can make it back again in a few years.
School is in full swing again. I can't believe C is in 7th grade this year. It is going to be a tough year for her academically, I can already tell. But we'll just keep plugging along and do the best we can.
I've got the high school covered this year. R is in 10th, J in 11th, and T in 12th! That is mind blowing. T is taking dental assisting at the Tech institute for dual credit. She is loving it so far. Right now she is saying that she likes it more than her CNA classes last year. She finished her Personal Progress over the summer and is really proud of that and I'm proud of her too:-) She'll be 18 in Oct. I can't believe it.
J is so far enjoying school. He is taking a welding class this semester and is loving it so far. He also made the High School swim team! Can you believe that? wow. He's still working part time as a custodian at a nearby Elementary school. I'm a little nervous about how swim practice plus his job will interfere with his homework... but we'll see how it goes. He's really excited about being on the swim team.
R is at the High School now. He had a lot of problems last school year. Hopefully this year will be better. He's enjoying his classes so far. He has been working on his Duty to God booklet and has almost completed the "Teacher" section. I'm proud of him for that. He'll be 16 in January. He's still doing NR. I've also started meditating with him to help him be calm. So far it seems to help. I'm also going to be doing drawing classes with him after school on Fridays. I think he could use a little creative outlet. Hey, and I might as well put that art degree I have to some use right? lol.
C is at the Junior High now, like I said. Honestly I'm terrified. With her developmental delays and physical issues, I'm afraid those teenagers will eat her alive. But she's been doing great so far. They took her out of PE after the first week once they realized how significant her physical issues are. Thank goodness for that. On the surface she seems fine, so many people don't realize what a hard time she actually has. It is not until you spend significant time with her that you realize what her physical disabilities are and how much they do affect her. I was really worried about her PE class, so this is a relief for me. But so far she's liking school and feels really grown up:-) She's still doing her NR program and has a long way to go with that. She's going to be 13 in Oct! Holy Moly batman!

Kevin had I have been trying to finish some projects around the house before winter hits. The under side of a couple of spots on our roof overhangs needed to be finished and Kevin has been working on that. We wanted to replace a pergola built by the previous owners on the front of our house but that just isn't happening right now so the kids and I painted it white instead. It looks a little better now. Of course I'm always working on our garden. This summer Kevin and I put in driplines and then put them all on timers. Why didn't we do that before? It has been great! I highly recommend doing that! There are tons of youtube videos on dripline installation if you want to put in your own driplines. Home depot had everything we needed. So do it! You'll be glad you did:-) (Isn't this the part where Home depot pays me for the free plug I just gave them?.... I wish! lol!)
Kevin and I also keep getting the impression that we need to finish our garage space. The previous owners of our house did crazy stuff to it. They turned the back porch into an addition that was totally useless and had zero insulation. So after buying the house we had to almost completely redo it. It's great now. It was a long, strange, useless room. Now the back half is another bedroom and the front part is a small den... I'm sitting in there now:-) But like I said, we finished that several years ago. But we've left the biggest pain undone. They took the one car attached garage and closed it off to make it another room. BUT they did crazy stuff, they walled the garage door into the front for example- how nuts is that? And with the door sealed they just built some useless closets that take up a lot of space but at the same time can't hold much for storage. Then they put carpet down and called it a room. So it is this strange- "not a garage" but can't be used as a real room space either. We would have to completely gut it and tear out the front "wall" (to remove the garage door that's been left inside) to finish that room. It is such a big job we've never done it. It wouldn't be that expensive to do it, we would just need a small army of helpers to get it done. So we've just been letting it sit. But like I said, we keep getting the feeling that we need to finish it. We'd like to divide the room in half and add a fifth bedroom and have the other half be Kevin's office. Plus it would be nice to have a large storage closet that we could actually use! It is that fifth bedroom we keep feeling like we need.... hm... what's that all about?! We keep teasing T that she'll get married right out of high school and have to live at home with her unemployed husband (Heaven please let that not be true lol!). The boys have to share a room right now, maybe that isn't going to work for much longer or something. Or... maybe there's another child coming to us? hmmm... crazier things have happened...  so who knows. Right now we're just figuring out how to go about finishing that space and adding another bedroom.
Well that's what we've been up to. The end of this month is the Mid-Autumn Moon festival. C and T look forward to this Holiday all year:-) Mooncakes and lot's of homemade Vietnamese and Chinese food! Yum!
To celebrate this wonderful time of year and the Autumn season, I highly recommend the Children's book called "Wild Child" written by Lynn Plourde. It is one of our favorites!

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