Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas letter 2012

Happy New Year!

            Here we are, another end to a big year. The best part of our year was when we got to go to Germany this summer to visit where Anita grew up. We had so much fun and are anxious to return someday again.

Kevin: Kevin still teaches at both the University and Community College. He also continues to work free-lance as a commercial photographer. Kevin is also still going to University part time to earn his Bachelor degree. In spite of his busy schedule he gets straight A’s in all of his classes. It is looking like he’ll have a little more than a year to go before he graduates. When he isn’t working or doing schoolwork he’s our in-house handy man. Kevin finished our roof gable this year, built more things than I can remember, and still finds time to be a great husband and father. Kevin is still the Young Men’s president in our ward.

Anita: Of course the highlight of my year was going home to Germany and sharing all of the places I love with my family and introducing Kevin and the kids to my relatives. This past Spring I researched how to put in drip-lines and Kevin and I managed to get them put in for all of our garden beds. What a time saver! I made jam for the first time this year, that was fun. Most of my time is spent helping with homework, doing NR therapy with R and C, working with the school to get the appropriate help for my children (what a headache that can be sometimes!), and trying to cook healthy meals. I am currently serving as a Relief  Society teacher in our ward. When I’m not doing that, I always have several sewing projects going, house projects, and gardening. I’m already planning next year’s garden. It’ll be bigger than ever!

T: T has had a great year. She is 18 and a senior in High School this year and continues to get straight A’s. Last year she took a CNA class at the Technical Institute. This school year she’s going part time at the Tech Institute again but this time she’s learning dental assisting. She recently got a huge honor. She was asked to intern at Intermountain Health Care hospital in the MRI department. IHC only offers very few high school students this opportunity in the county! We are so proud of her! This year T also completed her Personal Progress booklet. She has just started going to Relief Society and really enjoys that. She’s also started going to the Singles Ward once a month.

J: J has had a busy year. He is 17 and a Junior this year. Towards the end of last school year J got his first job doing custodial and landscape work at a local elementary school. He started out doing really well. Unfortunately J got a lesson in work ethic when towards the end of the summer he decided to not work as hard as he should and he was fired. At least he learned that lesson while he is still in high school. J is constantly struggling with his grades but I am working hard with him to pass all of his classes. J had some exciting news this year when he tried out and was accepted on the High School swim team. He is doing really well! J has always been our fish and it really shows. I can’t believe how much he has improved during his time on the team. He specializes in the 500 freestyle and the 100 Butterfly. It’s a lot of fun to watch his meets.

R: R started at the high school this year as a sophomore. I’m glad he can go to school with T and J. He’s been enjoying his classes. R still does his NR therapy, which takes up most of his free time. This year he completed the Teacher section for his Duty to God and he’s excited to start the Priest section in January, when he turns 16 (yikes… can you believe how old all of our kids are getting?!) We are proud of all of the hard work he’s put into his DTG. R continues to be our neighborhood’s lawn mower and snow shoveler:) He earns a little money doing that but he also enjoys doing the service and he’s starting to get a reputation among our neighbors as the “go-to-kid” when you need help getting some yard work done.

C: C has also had a big year. She took swimming lessons this past summer and actually learned to swim on her back! She still can’t quite figure out how to lift her face out of the water while swimming on her stomach. C continues to do NR therapy for her physical and mental delays and she is constantly improving. We continue to be amazed with her rapid progress. C started 7th grade at the Junior High school this year. It is such an odd feeling to not have any of my children in Elementary School! To add to that, she turned 13 years old this past October! We have all teenagers now! C is making huge progress in her Personal Progress booklet. T (as part of earning the Honor Bee in Personal Progress) and I have been working with her and she’s already completely finished three sections of the booklet!

The zoo: all of our critters are doing well. The dogs are over ten years old now but still in great health. The cats are all doing well (and currently terrorizing our Christmas tree daily.) We continue to have people ask us to add to our zoo but I’ve stood my ground, I’ve also gotten really good at handing out the contact information to “No More Homeless Pets” and the “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.”  I’m a recovering animal hoarder hahaha! We love our zoo though:)
We hope you are all well and happy this holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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